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Adam Smith & The Brownstone Class

Adam Smith, Jr. is a multi-disciplinary artist with experience in photography, cinematography, directing, and acting. He has performed in Off-Broadway and regional productions and appeared on acclaimed TV series including HBO's 'Divorce,' 'Billions,' 'The Blacklist,' and 'Law & Order.' He is currently producing three indie films and the Off-Broadway play 'COWBOY: The Story of Bass Reeves.' His past credits include 'Sistas: The Musical' and 'Trial on The Potomac,' starring Rich Little.


Adam conceived the idea of an in-person on-camera acting class with scenes filmed on professional cinema cameras with proper audio and lighting in 2020. However, this vision had to be delayed due to the pandemic. As NYC pandemic restrictions eased, Adam collaborated with actor Lucas Van Engen, who already had an online acting class. Together, they co-founded The Brownstone Class, utilizing Adam's studio space and filming expertise. The first in-person class took place on June 2, 2021. During the summer of 2022, Lucas started his own class, leaving Adam to continue as Executive Director alongside his wife, Lorna. Their aim was to surpass the standards of a typical on-camera class setting.


In the Spring of 2023, The Brownstone Class and its members created two short films. The first one, titled "The Studio Upstairs," was filmed in a single day, featuring four distinct scenes that revolve around one mysterious character. This project was shot on-site at the art studio of well-known painter, Ezra Cohen. The second short film, named "Tax Day" and drawing inspiration from the COVID-19 pandemic, was produced on a set located in a local midtown bar over two consecutive overnight sessions. Currently, both films are undergoing post-processing and are scheduled for screening in the upcoming year.


During his time working on the Showtime series 'City on a Hill,' starring Kevin Bacon, Adam crossed paths with actor and author Matthew Del Negro. This connection later led to Matthew becoming The Brownstone Class' first guest director in March 2023. Impressed by the experience, Adam and Matthew collaborated on designing an on-camera weekend intensive in New York City. The aim was to provide participants with the opportunity to be coached and directed by a television series regular (Matthew), while benefiting from the top-notch production quality of The Brownstone Class team.

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