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Each week we assign an original scene for you to prepare. (Much like working on set where you may only have a few days to prepare.) The characters are written open to any gender or age. Come class day, we briefly discuss the script and assign scene partners. Then, we start shooting.

We film each take as if we're on set. We roll sound, camera, and we call action. The scene will be recorded and we will cut. Direction is given in between takes and you may be asked to improvise. We can’t stress enough how important it is to be flexible on set.


At the end of the week, your class footage will be processed, uploaded to a private gallery, and sent out to you within a few days.

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become a next level actor at The Brownstone Class.

Advanced Class

For actors seeking to expand their roles, this class blends scene and life study, drawing from Stanislavsky, Michel Chekhov, and Viola Spolin techniques to create diverse characters.

screen acting

Refine your on-camera acting, building confidence and master essential tools for exceptional performances. Open to established actors and brand new actors. This class offers an extensive wealth of industry insight encompassing both on and off-screen dynamics.


Prepare to shine in auditions with our specialized class, where we'll help you master self-tapes, setup, and the art of breaking the rules. From in-person sessions to callbacks, embark on your audition success journey with us!

Where is class located?

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