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The Brownstone Class is an advanced on-camera acting workshop that's great for beginners. At this time we do not require an audition to join. Class meeting times are Tuesdays 12:00pm, Wednesdays 5:30pm, and Thursdays at 5:30pm at our studio on 44th street in Midtown Manhattan. (Google us!)


Each week you will be assigned sides to memorize for class. Each class starts with a business and goals discussion. Next, we do script analysis in a freeform discussion where I will offer my thoughts and you will offer yours. Then, I will cast all of the scenes and we decide who's the first scene up. When we film the scenes each take will be filmed as if we are on set. We call action, the scene will be recorded uninterrupted and we will cut. Direction or coaching will be given in between takes. We will also improvise and change the given circumstances to get unique performances. After class, your scene footage will be processed, uploaded to a private gallery and sent out within two days. 

The price for the class is $75 per class and $270 (10% discount) for a class pack of 4 classes to be used within 5 weeks. There are multiple ways to pay to suit your personal preferences and lifestyle.

How to sign up:

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